Sea Eye Surveyor Plus

Expert subsea solution contractor

Established 1984, we have more than 30 years of subsea experience. We pride ourselves on delivering high customer satisfaction through always successfully completing our missions.

Eriksson Diving AB is a firm believer in high quality standards, in order to achieve performance for our customers as well as ourselves. Safety is an integrated part of company activities, and we train and encourage all personnel to think safety first.

Wide Range of Subsea Services

With three ROV systems and a pair of side scan sonars we are well equipped to handle a wide range of mission types. The systems we operate range from our flagship Sea Eye Panther XTP and a Sea Eye Surveyor Plus, to a smaller, nimble, Sea Eye Falcon DR.

Our ROV systems

Our ROV systems in conjunction with our sonar capabilities enables us to handle various different missions such as inspections, excavations, surveys and search and recovery.

Services we offer

In-House R&D

All missions present their own unique challenges. While we have a wide range extra equipment available, sometimes this isn't enough. If such a situation arises we source external equipment or custom build it ourselves.

We have both hardware and software creation capabilities.

  • We have developed tunnel mapping software for incorporating ROV sensor data such as Heading, depth, pitch/ roll,distance, sonar and other sensors. Tunnel diameter and profile, as well as direction can then be displayed in different projections.
  • Subsea 8 inch venturi jet pump on skid with 6 m of suction hose and rotary 90 degree intake with T handle, for ROV operation.
  • Subsea HD or 4K video camera for taking still or video picture and recording it on internal ssd drive. Video/still to be transferred at surface by using a topside box with power and data transmission.

Salvage of missiles

Eriksson Diving was contracted to a search and recovery of military equipment; two exercise missiles, to be located and subsequently salvaged in 100 meter deep water.
Contract was awarded by a major defense contractor and was accomplished using in-house equipment.

Klein 3000 dual type side scan sonar towfishes (100/500 for area coverage and high resolution 500/900 for identification) was used in conjuction with Navipac PRO survey software for the search and localization of the targets.

Side scan sonar image of a missile on sea floor

The recovery was performed by the use of dual ROV systems and USBL. A key part was the Panther XTP with its Schilling Orion 7P/RHD 5 manipulators.

In addition to the technical competence and equipment, Eriksson Diving AB supplied all neessary logistical parts of the mission: vessel, survey personnel and ROV operators.

Other previous projects

Passion for the sea

Our passion for maritime history involves aircrafts and shipwrecks that have gone missing in the past. Side scan sonar and ROV surveys has been conducted on numerous objects. Recently we have located the remains of the German vessel S/S Doritha, sunk in 1916 by a Russian torpedo. It was found inside swedish borders at a depth of 175m.

Bomber plane scanned by sidescan sonar
A B-17 G-4 bomber plane scanned by our Klein 3000 side scan sonar.